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Entry for August 10, 2008
As some of you may know, one of the main reasons that Keith and I were set up by John and Regrin was that we both had archaeology backgrounds. A few days ago we received a gift celebrating this commonality, Marshalltown sent us a ceremonial trowel for a pie cutter. At the wedding, we will not be having a traditional cake, instead we will be having pies. Depending upon the phase of excavation, the trowel is the basic tool and Marshalltown is the gold standard. I just wish I was still doing field work so that I could work with the field version. The ceremonial towel has a DuraSoft handle, which I'm sure would cut down on the blisters.
2008-08-11 02:43:40 GMT
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mmm pie! what flavors?
2008-09-15 21:01:24 GMT