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Entry for August 29, 2008
For those in the wedding party, we now have links up in the Just the Facts page for you so you can plan your schedule for the weekend. Click on over, and check back as we add more information the closer we get to the big day.
2008-08-30 00:05:58 GMT
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Due to some unexpected technical difficulties, we are currently unable to update the site. We are, however, able to update our Flickr page with photos with our honeymoon in Ireland. Feel free to peruse those and more will be added within the week.
Once our access issue have been solved, we will have a full redesign and restructuring of this site, as we are no longer in wedding mode. Any suggestions for content or design? Drop us a line or leave a comment.

Until we know more,
2008-11-13 20:39:46 GMT